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Assets and Disadvantages of Continuous Ink Supply System

Printing can cost you a lot of money, especially if it is carried out in large quantities. The inception of continuous ink supply system in the market today, everyone can enjoy the benefits of affordable and accessible printing. For consumers who want to save money, they would opt for continuous ink supply system because it promises to print more at such a low-cost price.

Continuous ink supply system is sometimes referred to as off-axis ink delivery system, automatic ink refill system, bulk feed ink system, and continuous flow system.

Whatever term is used to point out to continuous ink supply system, it all means one thing: the printer is redesigned such that a high volume of liquid ink can continuously flow to the printer’s small printhead, making convenient and unlimited printing possible. With this particular kind of printing system, you don’t need to change cartridge for refilling. The set of outboard printing bottles connect plastic tubes to the ink printhead – they serve as the printer’s ink sources.

If you have plans to choose the continuous ink supply system for your printer then make sure that you are certain that its advantages far outweigh the possible disadvantages . To help you decide on this, the following below will give you an idea on how the continuous ink flow system is being perceived in the market as far as upsides and downsides are concerned.

Advantages of Continuous Ink Supply System:

• This printing system is cheap and highly affordable. Whether student or professional, printing becomes accessible to all users. You can print many documents as possible for a fraction of a price of a conventional tank-on printhead designs.

• This printing system supports bulk printing. This printing system is practical and convenient as a printing solution if you own a business. If you want to have the printed documents in time then you may want to consider this.

• This printing system is effective. You’re guaranteed not to waste your ink supply and yet assured with a high quality printing, if you choose a printer with a continuous ink supply system.

• Convenient ink refill. There will be no need to inject the ink on ink cartridges – you only have to pour the ink on the printing ink bottles if the printer is running out of ink.


• The product and the service warranty that comes with the purchase of the printer is automatically consider void if you install this printer system on your printer.

• This continuous ink supply system can damage your printhead in the long run as it uses low-quality type of ink.

Not all brands of printers can work with continuous ink supply system. Only big time brands like Canon, HP and Epson are well-suited to this kind of printing system. Most of the printers manufactured by these brands conventionally come with printing cartridges and tank-on printhead designs – either of which is altered in case the printer owner will decide to opt for continuous ink flow system.

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What are Original Ink and Generic Ink Cartridges?

You have two options if you are looking for ink cartridges for your printing needs: original ink cartridges and generic ink cartridges. These days, the market for ink cartridges appears to be advantageous for consumers as they only have to settle down to the final choice that complements important buying factors such as price, quality and accessibility. To an average prospect buyer of ink cartridges, which of these two options fairs better?

What are Original Ink and Generic Ink Cartridges?

Those inkjet cartridges that are suggested by popular printing brands such as Canon, HP and Epson are original ink cartridges. Also known as ‘printer inkjet cartridges’ or ‘genuine cartridges’, original ink cartridges are those cartridges that you can buy from the brand printer suppliers. Those ink cartridges that you can purchase from third-party ink supply and refill stores, on the other hand, are generic ink cartridges. These ink cartridges are sold by vendors other than printer manufacturers themselves, even though they are compatible to most printers.

Both original ink and generic ink cartridges have their own advantages and disadvantages. Before one can decide which one is better, it’s important to take note who is going to use them, and for what purpose will the ink cartridges will be used. Experts reviews will tell you to survey some factors that can affect your buying preferences for inkjet cartridges in case you’re torn between these two options.


If you are looking for inkjet cartridges to help you slash your printer bills with its huge difference in price then you might as well consider generic ink cartridges. When you choose generic ink cartridges, you can save as much half of the original ink cartridges’ original price! The cheap cost of generic ink cartridges is its main advantages and this is why it doesn’t come in as strange if most consumers go for this type of ink cartridge. Just make sure that you get a good quality ink for refills so that you can maximize the best blend of price and quality.


Consumers who prefer high quality printing needs go for original manufacturers' cartridges. That’s because original ink cartridges are well known for their exceptional and high printing quality. For this reason, they are more preferable for printing of high resolution images and photographs. Original ink cartridges may be touted as superior in terms of printing quality and maintenance measures but that doesn’t mean that generic ink cartridges are absolutely inferior. In most cases, quality isn’t measured by high price alone.Most often than not, one needs to take note on the choice of ink supplies and the vendor store to where you would buy them, as these also affect the quality of printing. Never will you have to worry about printing quality for as long as you secure quality supplies for ink refills.

Ease of Access

Convenience and accessibility are usually prioritized by most consumers. Therefore, they would always choose the one that won’t give them inconvenience. In this regard, most inkjet cartridge buyers would prefer buying generic ink cartridges because they are easily accessible in most retail stores. Make sure you’re getting quality ink refills from a quality ink refill / supply store, even if they’re generic ink cartridges.

When you finally decide to buy ink cartridges, just bear in mind that you should do away with those that can provide you nothing but poor quality prints. You don’t have to opt for expensive original cartridges as well when you can choose generic cartridges, with the same printing quality results.

Endless Ink has Continuous Ink Supply System or CISS that are compatible with Brother, Canon, Epson and HP inkjet printers.

Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) Specialist's. NEVER BUY ANOTHER INK CARTRIDGE! We have clients ranging from photographers, professional printing companies, to offices and homes. Visit us at for more info.


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